Director: Jonathan Frakes

Producer: Gale Ann Hurd, Julia Pistor

Starring: Jesse Bradford, Michael Biehn


The NSA-funded QT (Quantum Tech) Corporation has slated a project to develop Hypertime, a technology which allows the user's molecules to speed up to the point where the world appears to be standing still. After realizing that such technology, contained within a wristwatch frame, could also be used against the USA, the NSA orders the project stopped. The lead scientist had sent a prototype to a former colleague of his named Dr. Gibbs. His son Zak discovers the watch and shares it with his friends. Zak and his girlfriend arrive with paintball guns with paintballs filled with frozen nitrogen as the cool temperature takes someone out of hypertime into normal time. They get caught by Henry Gates, Richard, and Jay and are thrown in a cell with Zak's dad but manage to break out as the NSA Agents arrives and defeat Gates' goons. Gates and his goons are arrested and Dopler uses the machine he was building to reverse the aging effects of hypertime that happened to him, but it reverts him back into a teenager. Zak finally gets the car he wanted and he, his girlfriend, his sister and Dopler take off in it shooting into hypertime to avoid the cops.

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