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TNT/PLATINUM DUNES - Series. Season 1- 2014, Season 2 - 2015

Directed by: Jack, Bender, Sergio Mimika-Gezan, Michael Katleman, Brad Turner

Produced by: Michael Bay, Andrew Form, Brad Fuller, Steven Kane, Hank Steinberg, Jack Bender, Tony Mark

Starring: Erick Dane, Rhona Mitra

10 hours of action packed story that takes place mostly on a US Navy destroyer. After four months of a communication blackout? The ships Commander: Eric Dane learns that 2 billion people around the world are dead. An incurable pandemic, spreads like wild fire. The US government ceased to exist, this same with the Russian. The rest of the world is in chaos. On board of the destroyer is an epidemiologist : Rhona Mitra, who is the only one privy to the true reason of the “ ships mission” in the Arctic Circle: to find the “primary source of the epidemic”. Next they ventured to the US Guantanamo Base, GITMO in Cuba, in hope of finding a fully operational US military base with food and fuel. There they are followed and threatened by rouge Russian battle cruiser, refurbished with nuclear power and armed with nukes. In the confrontation the Russians are ultimately defeated. Next they go to a Nicaraguan jungle, to find monkeys, which are essential to make the “vaccine”. Then comes the test that needs the sacrifice of ship volunteers to test the “vaccine”. With the “vaccine” in hand they come on shore in Baltimore to find a manufacturing facility to make the cure that will save the world. To their surprise, the “good guys” are not the “good guys” and the “bad guys”: to be continued next season.

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